Multi-Currency Processing
Allowing your customers to feel at home!

Acquiring Solutions International suite of Multi-Currency Payment solutions allows merchants to offer their international customers - at the point of sale or online - the ability to pay in the currency they know best - their own.

Processing Services Online Retailers

Payment Processing of both multi-currency and domestic transactions offers merchants an end-to-end authorization, capture, settlement and clearing services for major credit and debit card types, for online, magnetic stripe, and EMV (chip and pin) transactions. Along with localized language support, we offer merchants online access to best-in-class reconciliation and reporting services.

Help International Customers Feel at Home

Paying in a local currency lets international customers enjoy the clarity and convenience of paying for their purchase in their own currency. Our service offers a personalized payment experience so the customer knows at the point of sale the amount they paid in their currency, while merchants continue to enjoy the ease of settlement and reporting in their local currency.

Increase Global E-Commerce Sales

Multi-Currency Pricing helps e-commerce and mail/telephone order merchants target international markets quickly and increase global sales by allowing international customers to view pricing and pay in their home currencies.

iPAY® Gateway - is a robust e-commerce and mail order payment application, offering our signature multi-currency processing services, robust subscription and recurring billing management, and a virtual terminal portal and XML API for merchant connectivity. A range of sophisticated fraud and security tools are available to merchants to help them minimize risk in a card-not-present environment.

Global Reporting and Data Analytics offers merchants valuable insights into their operations with robust transaction reporting and reconciliation from a single, online portal. Merchants gain in-depth profiles of customers’ spending habits and country of origin. Our customer dashboards allow merchants to create personalized marketing programs to attract international customers.
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