High Risk Processing
If your business is considered high risk it usually means that acquiring banks, ISO’s, and processors will most likely decline your merchant account application . . . even if you are currently accepting credit cards!  Processors that do approve high risk merchant accounts usually charge a much higher rate.  High-Risk should not necessarily mean high rates.

Acquiring Solutions has been very successful in providing merchant accounts for merchant that are in High-Risk MCC’s (5967, 5962, 5966) as well as merchants that are on the Terminated Merchant File (TMF) or MATCH.
If you have been told that your business falls into the high-risk category, or if you have been placed on the TMF Acquiring Solutions may be able to help.  If  you have had a high number of chargebacks recently and no longer qualify for a low-risk credit card processing account, or are in danger of losing a merchant account contact us immediately.
If your business depends on the acceptance of MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover for its cash flow let the team at Acquiring Solutions protect your account as the loss of your merchant account will be detrimental to your future success.
Do not wait until it’s too late . . . call Acquiring Solutions today!
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